Data SGP

Data SGP

Data sgp is a data set that contains information about students and their growth in academic achievement. This data is used by many organizations to evaluate the effectiveness of teachers, schools, and districts. In the United States, the data is also one of multiple indicators used to measure student progress in college and career readiness. The sgpdata package includes four exemplar data sets (sgpData, sgptData, sgpData_LONG, and sgpData_INSTRUCTOR_NUMBER) that can be used to run Student Growth Percentiles (SGP) analyses. In addition, the sgpdata package provides wrapper functions abcSGP and updateSGP that simplify the source code associated with running SGP analyses.

SGP analyses are typically conducted on two separate steps: 1) computing the current student’s growth percentile and 2) estimating the future percentile given a specified time period. Both of these processes require inputs from a number of different tables and can be difficult to understand for novice programmers. The sgpdata package includes a number of higher level function wrappers (studentGrowthPercentiles and studentGrowthProjections) that simplify the underlying source code and allow users to easily perform SGP analyses.

The sgpData_INSTRUCTOR_NUMBER data set is an anonymized lookup table that provides the instructor number associated with each student’s test record. This is useful for running SGP analyses on both fixed and time-dependent data sets, as instructors can change from year to year and students may be taught by more than one teacher. The sgpdata package includes an SGP demonstration object Demonstration_SGP that uses these two data sets.

For more detailed descriptions of the SGP analysis process, see the sgpdata documentation page. The package includes documentation on all of its higher level functions, as well as a series of example runs of the more advanced functions studentGrowthPercentiles and studentGrowthProjections. The documentation also describes how to create a custom data set that includes both SGP and fixed time data and how to conduct an operational SGP analysis.

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