Singapore Pools Embraces Digitalisation to Improve Customer Service and Reduce Illegal Gambling

Singapore Pools Embraces Digitalisation to Improve Customer Service and Reduce Illegal Gambling

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In order to keep up with the rapid growth of online gaming and stem leakage to illegal gambling operators, Singapore Pools, a legal lottery operator in the country, implemented a new central system that would be capable of handling all betting transactions while ensuring strict regulatory standards. The company also needed to improve customer service and reduce the cost of delivering online betting services.

As part of its digitalisation journey, Singapore Pools selected Oracle Cloud Observability and Management platform to help it monitor performance, identify issues faster, and resolve them before they become bigger problems. The platform also allows Singapore Pools to optimise system resources in real-time and improve application performance. The platform helped to minimise outages and disruptions and facilitated agile business processes, which was especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

By implementing the new system, Singapore Pools was able to improve its customer service, reduce illegal betting activities, and implement a secure e-payment gateway. This enabled the company to increase revenue streams and provide its customers with a more efficient and personalized betting experience. In addition, the company was able to lower costs by automating and streamlining manual business processes and eliminating redundancies.

Moreover, the new platform enabled Singapore Pools to develop innovative products and services, such as a mobile app that allows its customers to place bets anywhere, anytime. The app also makes it easier for them to monitor their bets, win cash prizes, and access customer support services.

The company is also committed to its community, which has resulted in a unique corporate social responsibility programme. Its employees can earn a day’s pay for participating in the programme, which involves them closing the company’s outlets for half a day. This will not affect authorised retail outlets, Livewire venues, and online accounts, but will allow the company’s staff to volunteer for charity organisations in their neighbourhood.

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