Singapore Pools Turns Digital With IGT’s Aurora

Singapore Pools Turns Digital With IGT’s Aurora

Sgp Pools (Private) Limited operates sports, amusement and recreation facilities. It has a number of licenses and permits from the Singapore government to run such facilities. It also operates a lottery system and an online casino.

To improve its business and stay competitive, Singapore Pools is transforming the way it does business, using technology to improve efficiency and increase the speed of decision-making. In this video, Yeo Teck Guan, director of IT strategy, quality and security at Singapore Pools, discusses the company’s digital transformation journey. He explains how the Company has developed a culture of continuous improvement, focusing on key areas including change management, COVID-19 and IT innovation.

A world-class responsible gaming operator, Singapore Pools has always been committed to serving the public by providing a safe and trusted environment for gambling. By implementing a wide range of safeguards, including customer support and internal policies, Singapore Pools has helped to make the betting process safer for its customers.

By leveraging on the power of its technology capital, Singapore Pools is able to provide a secure platform for its clients to play the lottery. Its secure, cloud-based IT infrastructure helps them to deliver a high level of service while also protecting their customer information.

Integrated with IGT’s Aurora, Singapore Pools will be able to provide its customers with more efficient and effective operations, while also improving overall lottery performance. The partnership will see IGT’s Aurora system running on Singapore Pools’ central lottery platform, which runs all of its games and lottery services.

IGT’s Aurora will help the company to build a powerful, scalable lottery platform for its growing lottery business. The system is built to drive lottery innovation and profitability and will provide reliability for the high volume of transactions that Singapore Pools handles.

The technology will also help to protect the company’s customers from fraud, ensuring that they are only charged for bets that they win. IGT’s Aurora will provide an enhanced user experience and will ensure that Singapore Pools customers can place bets with confidence.

Sgp Pools offers a variety of different ways to place bets on the lottery, including online and through its telephone service. Its new IP-based telephone service, PoolzConnect, allows customers to place their bets through their phones, and then the winning prize is automatically credited into their pre-defined bank account.

By deploying the innovative PoolzConnect solution, Singapore Pools is enabling its customers to place their bets from anywhere in the world. The system uses IP-based telephones to connect customers to the PoolzConnect server, where their bets will be verified and credited into their bank accounts.

In addition to enabling a convenient and secure bet experience, the PoolzConnect solution provides Singapore Pools with an innovative approach to customer service. It allows them to serve customers in real-time, thereby eliminating the need for costly call center agents.

The result is a better customer experience, and Singapore Pools will continue to offer innovative solutions that will improve the lives of the people they serve.