Sydney Pools – An Essential Part of Your Home

Sydney Pools – An Essential Part of Your Home

A pool adds to the overall appeal of your home and increases resell value. It also provides the perfect space for barbeques, drinks and parties. With Sydney’s outdoor living being a way of life a backyard pool is an essential part of any home. Having a pool is also an important investment and you should hire a qualified professional who will listen to your needs and help make your vision a reality.

Swimming pools can transform your home into a private oasis. They’re great for entertaining friends and family, especially during the hotter months. A well-designed and maintained pool is a great addition to any backyard and will increase the resale value of your property. You should find a reputable pool builder in the area and ask them about their process, pricing structure, and warranty options. A good pool builder will be able to create a custom pool that fits your lifestyle, meets local codes and regulations, and makes your dream backyard come true.

Sydney abounds with venues for what Kate Rew, founder of Britain’s Outdoor Swimming Society, describes as ‘wild swimming’ – a broader term that encompasses swimming in any environment less subject to human control than an indoor public pool. These are the ocean pools sited along the rocky beaches of the city’s coastline, from Palm Beach to Cronulla. The sand-free water and an openness to sea, beach and sky attract swimmers, artists and other beachgoers who swim, walk and relax. They host recreational and competitive swimming, learn-to-swim programs, treasured forms of wave-play, and offer a chance to enjoy the lively saltwater away from the more turbulent conditions in Sydney’s harbour, bays and rivers.

In the past, many people were afraid to swim in the ocean because of strong waves and shark attacks. However, with the advent of recreational and competitive swimming clubs in the 19th century, these fears were allayed. The NSW Amateur Swimming Association was founded by men in 1891 and women followed suit in 1906. These groups needed somewhere to practice laps that was safe from the surf and the risk of shark attacks.

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