The Hong Kong Prize for Science and Technology Innovation

The Hong Kong Prize for Science and Technology Innovation

The Hong Kong Prize for Science and Technology Innovation, hosted by the Hong Kong Alliance of Technology and Innovation and sponsored by Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited, is a non-governmental merit-based award. It is designed to recognise outstanding scientists and research teams who have made significant contributions to the development of science and technology in Hong Kong. The winner of this prize will receive HK$500,000 and the chance to present their scientific work in a public forum.

The prize is open to scholars who have written an article in a peer-reviewed journal that takes Hong Kong as its primary subject of inquiry. The articles must be written in English and published between 2021 and 2022.

To ensure the impartiality and fairness of this award, an independent review process has been established. No organization or individual shall exert undue influence on the selection and approval of candidates. The review committees will select candidates based on their research achievements, their contribution to the development of scientific and technological innovation, their transformation of these achievements and their social and economic value.

This competition is open to scholars who have written an article on the topic of Hong Kong in a peer-reviewed journal that is published in English. It is designed to encourage and promote Hong Kong-based researchers and scholars to pursue their academic, specialist or professional interests in the field of science and technology, thereby contributing to the development of Hong Kong as a leading global city.

In addition, the BOCHK SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION PRIZE will seek to promote and reward the research and development of new products, technologies, systems and services that will contribute to the future of Hong Kong. It will also seek to enhance the visibility of innovative companies and enterprises, and to attract more high-quality talent.

An awards ceremony will be held to announce the winner of each category. The judging panels will be chosen based on their expertise in the area. This will enable the judging panel to provide impartial advice on the selection of winners.

There are several categories for the hongkong prize: prizes in the sciences, arts and technology, and prizes in humanities. The prize is open to scholars from around the world. The judging panels will be chosen primarily from the disciplines of the Social Sciences and Humanities, with a preference for those who have worked in Hong Kong before the deadline for nominations.

The Hong Kong Film Awards are held each year in April and honour the best films and actors of Hong Kong. Since 2002, the HKFA has also awarded a prize for Asian film.

To qualify as a Hong Kong film, a movie must satisfy two of the three criteria: it must be commercially released in Hong Kong within the previous calendar year; it must be directed by a resident of Hong Kong; and at least six members of the production crew are Hong Kong residents.

In addition, there are a number of other award schemes that are organised in conjunction with the hongkong prize. The Hong Kong News Awards, for instance, are one of the most prestigious news awards in the region.